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"The best quality; the best service and the best fees!"

Dr. Alex Schillinger

"Doug is a true artist. He is able to create esthetics that are unparalleled anywhere in the world. I can't imagine anyone else doing my porcelain work. His quality and service both get perfect scores."

Dr. Dennis Stovall

"World-class quality and service with the fastest turnaround at great prices."

Dr. Craig Anzilotti

"Doug is the best technician I have encountered in 23 years of practice. His crowns actually look like teeth and make those done by a "production" lab look bad. He offers quality at a reasonable fee."

Dr. Kenneth H. Haas

"They are, quite simply, the best!"

Dr. John Vogl

Patient Testimonials ...

Dear Doug and Crew,

"Thanks so much for your expertise and the hard work ... it looks great!"

"Thanks so much for the wonderful job you did on my veneers!
I really appreciate how fast I got them and the excellent results."

"I just wanted to say thank you once more for all your hard work. I know that you get paid to do what you do; but that’s just it, so many people do just enough to get that “paycheck” and it all ends there. It takes that special touch of someone who really loves what he does as well as a big heart to go that extra mile and seek to make someone happy."

"I really do appreciate you fitting that profile, because of you I can smile again. This is just a little something for you to show our appreciation, although no gift could measure up to your talent and nature. You are truly an artist!"

"Thank you, thank you and thank you! Since June I have had my crowns come back from another lab 3 times and I just wanted to cry ... they were not what I had saved for, for four years. I had seen your work from someone I new and asked my dentist to send my case to you."

"As I said at the beginning ... thank you, thank you and thank you!"


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