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Procera Alumina Artificial Root Anterior

Aging process done by Doug {FEDL} for the Whip Mix
Corporation, Vericore Coping's, 3 Shape Scanner


Procera # 10

Bridge, Staining Requested by Dentist

Bridge Done for RecreatingNature Seminars

Zirconia Crown

Porcelain Fused to Metal


Preparation for Full Gold Crown

Full Gold Crown - Finished Product

Vericore Shaded Cores

Dentin Build-Up
"No Cut-Back"™ Technique

Internal Modifiers (White Opal)

Layering Incisal Porcelains

Our Bridge Work Presented at the 2009 International
CAD-CAM Symposium for Whip Mix Corporation

None of these photo's have been retouched.

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